F I V E * F O R * F R I D A Y

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Hello, little unicorns!


First, I want to shout out our winner of the crystallized light up 
shoes @ yeezyy.x!

Congratulations! I'll be shipping out your shoes soon!

Soo...I'm just really happy it's the weekend and I'm super excited about 
this week's #FiveForFriday. So, we're just going 
to get right to business....

Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with Nasty Gal/Sophia Amoruso?
I loved #GIRLBOSS so much that it's a must for me to get this book.
It's going to be nothing like her last book, same message, different style.
It's going to be filled with pictures, illustrations, stories featuring all sorts of girlbosses!
It's available for pre-order now and will be out on the shelves October 4, 2016!

2. These little bracelets pack a big message. 
Made with Swarovski crystals, Little Words Project, is on a
mission to do one thing, "spread kindness from woman to woman".
The fun part about these bracelets, other than the colors and 
the empowering words, is that gold tag on the bracelet has
a special number! This number is for you to register your bracelet
and when you pass it on to the next person who needs it a little more
they can register it and you can follow it's journey just like that!
How fun would these be to traded at festivals!?

3. Projekt Glitter's mission is pretty much life:
"To make a world a happier, sillier and sparklier place."
What's better than that?!
Follow them on Insta @projekt_glitter if you want 
some magic on your newsfeed!

4. Ummm, I need these holographic slides in my life!
For $25 at Ban.do these are a freaking steal!
And everyone else thought so too because they 
are SOLD OUT. *insert super sad face here*
You can sign up to get a notification when they are
back in stock.

Sure we love our super heroes but we all have our dark side.
We have been counting down the days not only to the badass 
movie but the soundtrack full of anti hero anthems!
So, Instead of one blog song I'll leave the soundtrack below:

So, who's your favorite member of the Suicide Squad?

Well that's all I got.

Have a magical weekend!

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