T U R N * I T * U P * T U E S D A Y

By 9:40:00 AM

Happy Tuesday, little unicorns!

Have you ever noticed that Tuesday is like the step child of the week?
Today that changes because it's:

Not sure if you ever noticed that each post that I put up comes with 
its own song. On Tuesday's the whole post will showcase one of my favorite tunes, DJ's, or whatever else you can turn up. I am a big believer in the saying "A girl's favorite song will tell you more about how she feels than her lips ever will." #TRUEEE

The very best thing about music, for me, is that it allows us to speak without even having to say a word. So, without further ado, I give you the song that's been on repeat for the last week:

Lighters- Tom & Hills Feat. Troi (Laz Perkins Remix)

Click the name of the song or
download Spotify to play the song and add it 
to your playlist without having to leave this page!

So, I leave you with one question...

"What happened to Love?"

Don't forget to have fun this lovely Tuesday!

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