F I V E * F O R * F R I D A Y

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Happy Friday, little unicorns!

Here are 5 things you should know about this Friday:

1. Big Magic: Creative Ling Beyond Fear is for my magical and creative souls.
 Read it, love it, live by it.

makes me want to jump into a pool of stardust. 
Now, I've never tried it but it's the next thing on my list of things to get!

3. Now my fellow ravers, I am about to make things WAY easier for you. 
They now make a handy dandy Kandi Cuff making machine!

4. You used to call me on my shellphone! 
Because why not have an over sized shell case for your phone!
Valfre knows what they are doing. 

5. Sorry to get deep on this one, but we all know that life isn't all 
unicorns and mermaids. There are a lot of bad things happening out there. 
Let's try this, instead of spreading the negativity, take the love and peace 
in your heart and spread that until it's contagious. 

Peace starts with you and me.

High-Five for making it to Friday!

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