F I V E * F O R * F R I D A Y

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Happy Friday, Little Unicorns!

I lLOVE Fridays!
Especially after a long and exhausting week.

Nothing some sparkly things can't fix. 

My top 5 things this week are here for you 
to fall in love with:

1. If you can't tell by now, I enjoy a good read. 
Reading has always been a nice escape from reality, and now that 
I am older I find myself reading books like #GIRLBOSS. A book
that allowed me to take a peek into the life of Sophia Amoruso before she was CEO of Nasty Gal.
It gives me hope that one day I could be the CEO of my own multi-million dollar
company. #WatchOutWorld

If you want to check out the book 

2. When I saw this shimmery & magical, Too Facedlipstick I wanted to cry! 
And then when I found out the name was Unicorn Tears, it was over 
and in my cart. I am way too excited to add this baby
 into my makeup collection. YAY!

Oh, and you also get a 20% coupon on your first order so 
I am a pretty happy girl right now.

3. Remember that long exhausting week I was talking about...
Well in the midst of one of my breakdowns @Broad&Jones started following me on my Insta
So, I checked them out (you should too btw) and saw this pin...

"I may cry but I still get things done."

It was like a sign from the universe!
I immediately looked at who came out with this brilliant pin and
it was none other than @TheCryBabyGirlGang!

After stalking their insta and buying my own pin I am proud 
to be officially a part of The Cry Baby Club!
And for the first time EVER I am proud to be a Cry Baby!


"There is peaceful.
There is wild.
I am both at the same time."
-Nayyirah Waheed

The mind can be chaotic at times. 
The feeling like a million tabs are open in the 
browser that is your brain can be overwhelming.
 What you must remind yourself constantly is that your
chaotic and imaginative mind is also your super power.

Don't you ever forget that.

I want to hear from YOU, what does this quote mean to you?
Comment below or leave a comment on my new Insta

5. I promised you on Tuesday that I would have something something
awesome for you today...and I DO!

Remember MagiGal?
 (Hint: She's the unicorn up there.)

Well I have turned her into an Imoji for you to use and abuse!

If you want to see her other adorable faces all you have to do it
follow these next steps:

1.Download the Imoji app
2. Us the search up top and type in: Mhmthatgirl
3. Use MagiGal as your new favorite Unicorn Imoji

That's not even the best part...
You can use the Imoji app to turn anything into an imoji!

Download it and try it for yourself.

Have a magical Friday!
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