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Hello Magical Unicorns!

I have something I think you are going to LOVE...
My first DIY blog post!

I know, I know, about damn time.

In honor of  Marshmello coming to Beach Today!
I thought it was time to to show some Mello love.

We got so many compliments and took so many 
pictures with you ravers that went to SMF.

I was asked countless times, "how did you make that?!"

And now, I shall give you the answers.

(Click on the supplies below to find them on Amazon)

What you'll need:

12X48 Concrete Form Tube
A sheet of cardstock/printer paper
White Paint
Foam Board
Ratchet Suspension
(2) EL Wire 15ft & 10 Ft
Black Mesh


Scissors/Xacto Knife
Glue Gun
E6000 glue
Sandpaper (optional)

& of course some good music.
You can listen to the music I make magic to HERE.

Before we start, since power tools are involved, 
making your Mello heads!

Alright, ready? Let's do this.

 You're going to want your Mello head to be 13" tall. On your concrete form tube mark it at 13" all the way around so you have a line to guide you when you cut it.
I was able to get almost 4 heads out of one tube! #MelloGang

Take your dremel with the blade attachment or whatever tool you want to use and cut the tube at the line you drew. I was lucky to have some guys at my work do this for me.
I tried at first to use an Xacto knife to cut the tube, and while it was possible, it took FOREVER and was REALLY difficult. 

Next, you're going to print this Mello face I made just for you!
I used card stock, but regular printer paper will do. I measured 1" from (what will be ) the bottom opening and taped the paper to the tube. I used washi tape because it's sticky enough to hold it down but not so sticky that when I go to take it off it will rip the cardboard too.

Once the Mello face is taped on you are going to use your dremel or jigsaw tool to cut the eyes and mouth out. Just follow the outside edge, anything that is black will get cut out. 
Remember, slow and steady.

After you get your Mello mouth and eyes cut out, take the tape and excess paper off. Your edges might be a little rough and uneven so just take some sandpaper and sand it down if you want. Next comes the painting. I used a glossy white paint, but you can do whatever you want. You couldn't tell in the pictures but I used the Sparkly Modge Podge to give it a little shimmer but if I did it again I would add more glitter to the glue. You could do all sorts of crazy things, metallic paint, chalkboard paint, matte paint, glitter paint, glow in the dark paint the possibilities are endless!

When the paint is done drying you are going to trace the top of your Mello head on to the foam board twice. I would trace from the inside of the tube rather than around the outside. You should end up with 2 circles as big as the opening of the top of your Mello head. One will sit inside and be the piece your head gear will sit on and the other will be the top of your head. Putting the head gear directly on the top piece made the head sit on our shoulders. Doing it this way allowed us to have that bobble head look.

Take one of the circles and make it fit inside your Mello head. You may have to trim it a little to get it to fit inside. This piece of foam board is going to be the piece your head piece will sit on. What I did was make the circle fit as snuggly as possible inside the tube, tried the head on, and adjusted the height until I was happy with where it was sitting. Once you have that down, take your hot glue gun and seal the edges, I just glued the top edges. After that add the 2nd circle to the top of your head to sit flush with the tube and seal it with your glue gun. 
TIP: Use the tip of your glue gun (where the glue comes out) to spread the glue. That way it spreads more and you waste less. It also gives it a nice clean look when you use it on the outside edge.


Now, we are going to put in your head piece. Flip your head upside down and mark the center inside of the head. Add some hot glue and put the middle of your ratchet suspension down on it. Once that dries I kind of just went crazy with the glue gun, and put some more glue over the middle section. I wanted to make sure that it was going to hold. I never said the inside would be pretty. Once you have glued the shit out of it, let it dry. It doesn't take that long for hot glue to dry. You should check out the MAGIC part of my blog while you wait! Anyways, once that is dry it's time to try it on! YAY! How does it feel? Good? Great! If it feels a little bumpy you can fold a piece of napkin into a thick square and tape it down over the glue so you have some padding.

Now for my very favorite part! LIGHTS! *Insert heart eyed emoji here* I LOVE EL WIRE! If I could put them on all my clothes, I totally would. I'll save my rant about how awesome EL wire is for a different post. For our heads I used 2 colors of EL Wire, a 15ft color for around the head and a 10ft color for the eyes and mouth. Each EL wire you buy comes with a battery pack that  operate the lights. It has 3 functions, solid light, slow flash, and fast flash. I bought a sound activated battery pack separately that does exactly what it sounds like, it goes to the beat of the music. Awesome, right?! I've found that a lot of EL wire comes from China so when you order just make sure that you give yourself enough time for the lights to make it to you on time. You're going to want to use E6000 to glue these lights on because you don't want the lights to melt with the hot glue. The cool thing about EL wire is that it's bendable. Once you have finished laying down your lights I just put a piece of velcro on the back of the battery packs and on the inside of the head so it would stay in place. If you have left over EL wire just wrap it into a circle and use the twist tie it came with to hold it together. I taped it on the inside of the head with dark tape so that it wouldn't be flashing in my eyes.

Last, and FINAL step! You're going to want to cut a piece of 11x11 mesh. I put velcro on the inside of the head in the corners  and also in the corners of the mesh so it was easy to take on an off. 

Now say hello to your brand new Mello head! 

That wasn't too hard, right? Use #MhmThatMelloGang so I can see all your beautiful Marshmello heads!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and if you have any questions for me leave them below or find me on my Instagram @Mhmthatgirl

I'll be at Beach on Sunday July 3rd with my Mello head, come take a picture and say hello!

Oh, and don't forget to keep it Mello!

Blog Song: Keep it Mello-Marshmello Ft. Omar LinX

 DIY projects are purely at your own risk. 
Unfamiliarity with tools can be dangerous. 
Mhm, That Girl is not responsible for the misuse or 

misunderstanding of any DIY project.

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