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The moment has finally come... festival costume time!
I'm not sure if you can tell, but I'm really excited about this post.

Sewing and I have a love/hate relationship so for the most part my costumes are pretty easy to make, but usually a little time consuming. 

I've been told that I'm ambitious to a, sometimes most of the time my costumes start off really intricate and then I realize I don't have enough time (or money) to make them as detailed as I would like. 

Also, because we will be camping I won't be able to get as prettied up as I would like but that's the fun in TomorrowWorld!

In my last post I said that  I would walk you through the steps I take to pick my costumes! And at the end you get to see what I've decided to be for our TomorrowWorld adventure!

Alright, lets do this:

[1] Pinterest is your BEST FRIEND!
If you don't have a Pinterest then you need to get out from the rock you're living under and get one ASAP. I also use Tumblr if I start to feel I've seen everything on Pinterest.

[2] I use Pinterst the same way I use google. Whatever I want I just type into the serach bar. Having different keywords (even if they are slightly different) makes a difference. 

At the top, below the search bar, there are these boxes that say things like DIY, Edc, neon, hippie, Etc. By clicking those you are narrowing down your search results to see things that you 
are actually interested in.

I go as far as putting in searches like: 
Raver Outfit, Raver Costume, Rave Fashion, Rave DIY, etc. 
I just change a word or 2 and I get different results.

I do this until something catches my eye.

[3] When something catches my eye I'll pin it and start searching using keywords that have to do with what I'm really looking for:

While searching I came across this pin: 

Do you remember when Taylor Swift dressed up as a Pegacorn? It was the cutest! If I wasn't going to be dancing my butt off I would totally just wear that outfit. Instead I'm going to take both the ideas and create a Pegacorn (Pegasus+Unicorn) outfit of my own!

[4] Once you've figured out what you want to do search through pinterest and look at different outfits and take the things you like from each to create your own unique look. 

For example, I found these Pins and I'll probably create my own look by taking a little bit from each one:

1 outfit down 2 to go.

[5] You can honestly find inspiration just have to look for it!

Sometimes, I get inspired when I'm creating projects at work. 

For one of my projects I made this Butterfly Crown:

and that's when the idea for outfit #2 was born!

I call it the Butterfly Fairy Princess outfit.
Because why not?

[6] Lastly, If you are going with a group of people, best friend, boyfriend, etc. 
talk to them and see if they want to to do a couple/group costume!

When you're searching on Pinterest use search terms like: Group Costumes, Group Rave Costumes, Couples Costumes, Rave Couples...and so on. 

A lot of Halloween pins will come up but don't disregard them. Dressing up for a festival is basically the same as dressing up for Halloween...except better (in my opinion).

There are going to be 6 of us in our group and lots of ideas were thrown around. 
Pac Man, Rugrats, Power Rangers, TMNT, but we decided on Super Hero/Villains!

I've wanted to be Wonder Woman FOREVER!
But I think I am going to save her for halloween.

I started to do my search on other women Super Hero/ Villains and came across so many that I never really knew about! So, not only was I looking for a costume, I learned a few things along the way.

Anyways, it came down to 2:

Emma Frost Vs. Ms. Marvel


I used Google & Pinterest to search for costumes for them. 
Most of the pictures I found were costumes from different Comic Con's. 
& don't disregard those posts either. 
All those people put a lot of time and effort into those costumes 
but it gives you great inspiration to come up with an idea of your own. 

Instead of a full on leather outfit for Cat Woman you can 
make a black tutu with a tail, a leather crop top and cat ears. 
Ta Dah!

That's just an example, but you can do anything you want! 
Pinterest is full of resources and can find a tutorial on basically anything.

Don't know how to make a tutu? 
Type in "No Sew Tutu" on Pinterest and watch all the results pop up!

So, after searching through pages of costumes for both Emma Frost & Ms. Marvel, 
I had come down to a decision. 

The crazy things I could do to turn myself into Emma Frost would be crazy. I've seen costumes where they are turning into her diamond form! If I ever dressed up as her that's exactly how I would want to do it.  My favorite part about Ms.Marvel, other than the fact that her costume looks simple enough to make, is that she is part of X-men (my boyfriend is crazy about Wolverine) and worked closely with Logan (Wolverine).

So, my third and final costume is:

(I came across this picture and knew I had to!)

Yay! I'm so excited to start making them! 
With just about a month left I'm kind of pushing it but I'm always doing things last minute. 
Usually I'll be on the way to a festival or show still sewing lights onto my outfit!

One time, the night before a Dada Life show, I  didn't have anything awesome to wear and I was pretty bummed. I had just sewn lights on to a banana suit for my boyfriend and was like "I want to look like an epic banana too!" So, I pulled out some vegan gold leather I had ordered to make some pillows (convenient, I know) and I made myself a golden banana costume in just a couple hours!
I was pretty surprised that it came out so well. The next day after work and right before the show I sewed some pink lights on it and I had an epic golden banana costume!

Alright, story time is over! 

Halloween is right around the corner and festivals are still going on!
I would love to see some costumes you guys put together 
whether its for Halloween, a show, or a festival! 

I hope you enjoyed the post and hope you were able to find some 
inspiration that leads you to the perfect outfit! 

Blog Song: Freaks Have More Fun- Dada Life

P.S. Don't forget to make a board on Pinterest with all the costumes you love. That way the next time you get to get dressed, you'll already have a board full of inspiration to look at! Take a look at my costume board!

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