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  1. I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer in 7th grade when I realized my body was much different than the other girls in my class. I never wanted girls like me to feel as terrible as I did when I went to the mall and tried on clothes.

  1. I graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with my BFA in Fashion (even though I was/am the least fashion forward person) 

  1. I Moved to Miami after graduation to intern at a Swimwear Boutique on South Beach. While I enjoyed the Miami life it just wasn't for me. I wouldn't change the experience for the world, especially because I was lucky enough to meet my Prince Charming while I was there!  

  1. I currently work as a Junior Designer at a jewelry components company in Largo, FL.

  1. I’m a mermaid! Yes, you read that right. I make mermaid tails and swim in mine whenever I get the chance.

  1. Music is a very important part of who I am. I am a strong believer in “Where words fail, music speaks.” I go to EDM festivals with my boyfriend and dress up like it’s Halloween no matter what month it is.

  1. I LOVE a good quote. I’m pretty sure my Pinterest board for quotes has the most pins.

  1. I’m always trying to create!  When I'm at work I’m either making jewelry or Illustrating. At home I’m always trying to figure out what talents I have by trying new things from baking cookies/Icing from scratch to making mermaid tails to baby blankets.  There is so much I want to do! So,  I dabble in everything just to say I’ve tried.

  1. I have always felt that I was put on this earth to do more than just exist. The name Mhm, That Girl came from Friends with Benefits (one of my favorite movies) when Mila Kunis’s Character Meets Justin Timberlake’s Character and he says You're really gonna carry my bag? You're that girl?” and she says:
    ...and it stuck with me. & that is how Mhm, that girl was born!  
10. I’m 24 and I am just now starting to see the potential I have to create the the life I daydream about. This is my first step and I hope you will come along on this adventure to learn and grow with me!

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