Good Morning, Little Unicorns!

Today's post topic is very near and dear to me and for some 
it may be a heavy topic, but for me, it's my every day life...
mental health.

Shit is about to get real.

I feel like some people look at me funny when I talk about my mental 
health issues out loud. Like, talking about it is a huge no no.
I don't talk about it to get attention, I talk about it because it's 
what I am going through. How come we can talk about how happy 
or mad we are but we aren't allowed to talk about how sad we are?

In 2011 after a bad break up followed by the death of my "stepdad" 
in January 2012, I was told I had depression for the first time. 
It was a hard pill to swallow, but it had answered so many questions I had
been asking myself:.
Why was I so sad? Why did I want to sleep all day? 
Why did I cry at the drop of a pin? Why couldn't I just be happy?
It was because I was really (excuse my language) fucking depressed.

I was put on medication and after I graduated in 2013 I decided that I no longer 
needed those meds. I was feeling better and with the weight of school
off my shoulders I thought that would make a huge difference.

And for a little bit I was okay. Sure I had my moments, but I have 
always been an emotional person, so it was hard to tell what was
depression and what was just me being emotional.

Well, fast forward to to 2016 and here I am today back on meds
recently told that I have depression, anxiety, and social anxiety.

There it is. I said it. Judge me all you want for talking about it
but I am not sorry. 

I started blogging so I had an outlet to talk about the things that
made me happy: music, making things, and sparkly stuff.
Then I realized I could talk about whatever the hell I wanted.
So, here I am talking about the not so sparkly stuff.
Ever since I was first told I had depression I knew that I wanted to do
something more meaningful with my life. I wanted to find a way to help 
other people who were feeling the same way I do.
I searched and searched, I went down different paths looking
for that thing, that thing that would make a difference
And I think I may have finally found it: 

One day I sat down at my computer and out of nowhere I drew up 
this cute little unicorn that I call, MagiGal.
And I turned her into a sticker and gave her purpose:

To remind you that you are unique and magically made
and that even on the not so pretty days you are worth 
more than you may think.

You Are Magical!

Each and every single one of us. 
Sometimes we just need to be reminded.

Now,  how is this going to make an impact, is all up to you, little unicorns.

I am selling these stickers in packs of 8 for you to spread the message. 
Pass them out at festivals, leave them in the bathroom, in the back of 
a cab, inside a book, the possibilities are endless!
Just pass the message around so that a person
who may need that message gets it.

If you are interested in purchasing the pack of stickers
or maybe just get one for yourself or a friend, you can 
get them on my Etsy shop HERE.

Help me spread the message of hope and magic!

Blog Song:

Hello, little unicorns!


First, I want to shout out our winner of the crystallized light up 
shoes @ yeezyy.x!

Congratulations! I'll be shipping out your shoes soon!

Soo...I'm just really happy it's the weekend and I'm super excited about 
this week's #FiveForFriday. So, we're just going 
to get right to business....

Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with Nasty Gal/Sophia Amoruso?
I loved #GIRLBOSS so much that it's a must for me to get this book.
It's going to be nothing like her last book, same message, different style.
It's going to be filled with pictures, illustrations, stories featuring all sorts of girlbosses!
It's available for pre-order now and will be out on the shelves October 4, 2016!

2. These little bracelets pack a big message. 
Made with Swarovski crystals, Little Words Project, is on a
mission to do one thing, "spread kindness from woman to woman".
The fun part about these bracelets, other than the colors and 
the empowering words, is that gold tag on the bracelet has
a special number! This number is for you to register your bracelet
and when you pass it on to the next person who needs it a little more
they can register it and you can follow it's journey just like that!
How fun would these be to traded at festivals!?

3. Projekt Glitter's mission is pretty much life:
"To make a world a happier, sillier and sparklier place."
What's better than that?!
Follow them on Insta @projekt_glitter if you want 
some magic on your newsfeed!

4. Ummm, I need these holographic slides in my life!
For $25 at these are a freaking steal!
And everyone else thought so too because they 
are SOLD OUT. *insert super sad face here*
You can sign up to get a notification when they are
back in stock.

Sure we love our super heroes but we all have our dark side.
We have been counting down the days not only to the badass 
movie but the soundtrack full of anti hero anthems!
So, Instead of one blog song I'll leave the soundtrack below:

So, who's your favorite member of the Suicide Squad?

Well that's all I got.

Have a magical weekend!

Hello, little unicorns!

Here at Mhm, That Girl, Mondays are for Magic!

Todays post is extra special because I got together with my friend 
and fellow blogger, Quiet Lion,  to create a collab birthday post!

Yesterday, MTG turned 1 and today Quiet Lion turned 5!

Quiet Lion and I met through work and ever since she 
moved here from Chicago (WOOP!) weird things have been happening. 
Little weird things, it's hard to explain, but we started calling these moments 
"star aligning moments". We think it's the universe's way of
saying we are on the same page.

So, of course, once we realized that our blog birthday's were a day apart, 
we knew we had to do something about it!


We have 3 tutorials, 2 giveaways, and 1 happy Monday!

Let's get the celebration started, shall we?

Because I'm a sucker for gift giving and shiny things I want to start with the giveaway!

I'm giving away these custom crystalized light up shoes to one lucky unicorn!


Yeah, I know, I'm awesome. You're Welcome!

In order to win you have to do 1 of these:

-Like our giveaway pic on Insta

-Like our post & share it with your friends

You could do 1 or both to up your chances ;)

I will announce the winner for the shoes on Wednesday on my Insta!

Since there can only be one winner,  I went ahead and made a quick DIY on how to crystallize the shoes yourself. The DIY is available on my snapchat for the next 24 hours!

So, let's become snapchat friends!
You can either open snapchat and point your camera at the QR code below
or add me by my username, mhmthatgirl!  

[If  you are interested in your own custom pair of crystallized lightup shoes
email me at!]

But, wait there's more!

Head on over to Quiet Lion to see the mess we made making our (almost) vegan 
'Star Aligning Cupcakes'. Wanna hear something cool about them? They are as black as the night sky.

You're definitely going to want to check them out! 
She also has a DIY tutorial up and a jewelry giveaway!

Happy Monday, Unicorns!
May the odds be ever in your favor...

P.S All pictures were taken by Quiet Lion. If you would like to use her images email her at

Happy Friday, Little Unicorns!

I lLOVE Fridays!
Especially after a long and exhausting week.

Nothing some sparkly things can't fix. 

My top 5 things this week are here for you 
to fall in love with:

1. If you can't tell by now, I enjoy a good read. 
Reading has always been a nice escape from reality, and now that 
I am older I find myself reading books like #GIRLBOSS. A book
that allowed me to take a peek into the life of Sophia Amoruso before she was CEO of Nasty Gal.
It gives me hope that one day I could be the CEO of my own multi-million dollar
company. #WatchOutWorld

If you want to check out the book 

2. When I saw this shimmery & magical, Too Facedlipstick I wanted to cry! 
And then when I found out the name was Unicorn Tears, it was over 
and in my cart. I am way too excited to add this baby
 into my makeup collection. YAY!

Oh, and you also get a 20% coupon on your first order so 
I am a pretty happy girl right now.

3. Remember that long exhausting week I was talking about...
Well in the midst of one of my breakdowns @Broad&Jones started following me on my Insta
So, I checked them out (you should too btw) and saw this pin...

"I may cry but I still get things done."

It was like a sign from the universe!
I immediately looked at who came out with this brilliant pin and
it was none other than @TheCryBabyGirlGang!

After stalking their insta and buying my own pin I am proud 
to be officially a part of The Cry Baby Club!
And for the first time EVER I am proud to be a Cry Baby!


"There is peaceful.
There is wild.
I am both at the same time."
-Nayyirah Waheed

The mind can be chaotic at times. 
The feeling like a million tabs are open in the 
browser that is your brain can be overwhelming.
 What you must remind yourself constantly is that your
chaotic and imaginative mind is also your super power.

Don't you ever forget that.

I want to hear from YOU, what does this quote mean to you?
Comment below or leave a comment on my new Insta

5. I promised you on Tuesday that I would have something something
awesome for you today...and I DO!

Remember MagiGal?
 (Hint: She's the unicorn up there.)

Well I have turned her into an Imoji for you to use and abuse!

If you want to see her other adorable faces all you have to do it
follow these next steps:

1.Download the Imoji app
2. Us the search up top and type in: Mhmthatgirl
3. Use MagiGal as your new favorite Unicorn Imoji

That's not even the best part...
You can use the Imoji app to turn anything into an imoji!

Download it and try it for yourself.

Have a magical Friday!
Blog Song: 

Happy Tuesday, Little Unicorns!

First off, what a great Monday!

I am happy to announce that I am officially a fairy god mother to 
a healthy baby boy!

I am ridiculously happy for my friends as they begin this magical adventure 
with their beautiful new addition.

Second, See that precious little unicorn up there? Her name is MagiGal and
I am in the middle of creating something really awesome of  for you guys!

Check back on Friday to see what I am talking about!

After such an eventful day yesterday, Tuesday already feels a little drab...

Nothing a little music can't fix.

Let's get this party started.

I'm calling this my #IGotThisAnthem

"Tell me can you see me now
While I rise above the crowd
Who would of known I'd make it out
Your broken world"


It's an incredible feeling to stand
on your own two feet and show the people 
who doubted you that you're a force to be reckoned with.

So, today if you're feeling defeated, take a listen, 
put your sassy pants on, and go show them that nothing
is stopping you.

Let's make today a good one!